A Silent Request !!

“Please don’t leave me now . It is all an act . I am not as tough as I appear to be . I am broken . I want to cry and tell you everything . Please , understand my silence is not becuase I dont want to tell you everything . I just don’t know how to tell . You are my friend and I know my words have hurt you. You think I am angry with you but you should know I am angry with myself .

Please hold onto me a little while longer. I am sorry I am such a hard person to read. Please don’t listen to what I have said  , you need to look through my act of toughness to see how vulnerable I am !  How much I need  a friend right now !

I need you to understand I lied when I said “I am ok ” . Dont take my words for it . You are my friend , you should know when I am telling a lie .

I need a friend right now whom I don’t have to tell how I feel. A friend who knows how much I am hurting right now ? How much I need a shoulder to cry upon ? A friend who would just stand by me until I am able to stabilize my emotions.

Please dont tell me to be strong right now . I know that already , the more you tell me that the more guilty I would feel. Be patient with me for a little while longer. ”

If she could she would scream these words so that her leaving friend would listen .

But she has not said a word. She is looking at her friend with all these words in her eyes . A silent request hangs between them . She is waiting,  waiting to be understood and accepted .


Super-Recovery-Woman : A post dedicated to a friend

This post is for my dear friend Ann Koplow.


For more details on our wonderful new superhero Super-Recovery-Woman read Ann Koplow’s post Day 474: Superwoman (not) ,Day 475: Superhero names (hyphenated or not), Day 476: Ka-plow!, Day 479: Super Recovery Woman, revisited.

Ann Koplow and her friends has so far decided the corrected way to write Super-Recovery-Woman. Her superhero logo (-) . Image

The purpose of this post is to share this picture . I wanted to post it in comment but didn’t know the procedure .


Why this picture ?

It matches the description of Super-Recovery-Woman.

  1. Name
  2. Hyphen (-) as logo
  3. One glove
Why post now ?

You know, I’ve been thinking … I’m wondering if we can combine our super powers and post that picture you created.

Ann , I hope you don’t mind . My editing skills are not advance enough . Replacing one boot with a sock would have been difficult . I was afraid it would result in deformed leg .