Writing Attack

A lot of ideas are racing through my mind.There is too much noise in my head . It’s making me anxious . All the characters, of the story I am working on ,are voicing their opinions. I can feel their uncertainty , they do not want to be ignored . Each of them are reminding me how important they are for the story . I want to get done with this story, to feel free once again . There is too much pressure on me .

I need to do something fast , I am the only one awake at this time of the night . What should I do ? If I don’t do something quickly my mind will explode!

I extend my hand for a pen . Ah ! where is it ? Why couldn’t I find it ? Oh no! I am running out of time . I must hurry before these voices fade away . I won’t be able to complete this story without their inputs . I want to do justice with the story and all of its characters. What if I forget one of the details ? The people in this story trust me , I can’t let them down .

I once again extend my hand , it collides with something . Is it my mobile phone ? Oh yes ! I can write and record each dialogue and feelings of these characters now . I have not failed the voices in my head . They are still trying to tell me something . I close my eyes to concentrate on these voices , I can hear them clearly . I open my eyes and begin to write what these characters are telling me ! They are expressing their gratitude towards me . They are telling me how they wanted to be portrayed in the story . My fingers are floating on the keypad , I don’t want to miss a single detail . The clock is still ticking but it is not bothering me now . I am not afraid of the stillness of night anymore . With each letter I press , my anxiety goes down . I am enjoying this . Words keep appearing on the screen of my mobile phone . They are beautiful . The voices are fading now .They assure me they will be back . The story is not finished yet . I just have to be patient . It is going to be a great story . It has already touched my heart .