Some people cry a lot . “Crying ” is mostly considered a sign of weakness  by others . We sensitive and emotional people  try to hide ourselves when we are crying so that nobody can judge us .


If you cant stop or control your tears then the next best option is to hide them . This is how our thinking process works . It’s a way of protecting ourselves . So I am going to share some of the methods. All these methods are highly effective .But before you read any further I must warn you , if you get too good at hiding your tears and acting to appear normal , nobody will know the real “YOU”. People see what we show them if you hide all your emotions and do not share them with anyone then people will perceive you incapable of feeling any emotions.

Method 1 : Use Washroom/ Restroom

It is the most effective way. You will get some time alone . Second advantage is access to water ,  you can quickly wash your face and remove all traces of tears easily. Nobody will get suspicious because going to washroom/restroom is quite normal .


Method 2 : Pretend to Sleep

This method does not work all the time .It is only effective when you are at home and the weather is cold enough to use a blanket . Put blanket on your face and pretend to sleep . It will only work if you do not make any noise while crying.


Method 3 : Hide behind books

Use your study room . Usually people do not disturb during reading . Books provide a good cover to hide your weeping face.


If you donot want other people to know that you were crying ,you need to work on three areas as that can really give you away.

1. Eye : Your eyes will give you away . If you have been crying for a long time your eyes will be red . You will need cool water to wash them.

2. Your voice : Beware crying makes your voice shaky . Avoid talking after crying .

3.Runny nose: Sometimes crying without making any noise results in a runny nose .This is another sign to identify a crying person .

* All the pictures are taken from google images .