Decision : Contest of Will and Fear

A storm is gathering around the battlefield(Human mind) . Winner gets to decide the fate of the host(human). Both opponents are getting ready for the final round. Will wants the host to have a firm believe and to do good whereas fear wants to plant doubts and sabotage host’s trust and confidence . Fear has assembled an army of many small fears ,it wants to scare the host.If fear wins , its venom will paralyze the host .Host will not be able to make any decisions. Will knows what fear does to people . It has heard horrible stories about the fate of fear’s victim.The longer this battle will go on the more painful it will be for the host .


Wait is over and the battle begins. Fear has struck hard , Will has prepared for an honest fight but fear has no rules and integrity, it is ruled by darkness .Will will not accept defeat so easily , it is known for its perseverance and conviction . Time is running out and the host is exhausted , he wants this to end as soon as possible . There can only be one winner. That’s the story of how a decision is made.

Host = Human

Battlefield= Human Mind

Her Choices

Quiet Echo

She has found the perfect spot , hidden by the wide branches of trees near the river bank . She likes the quiet surrounding of this place . Light wind is blowing, river seems very calm . This place gives her a sense of peace and security . She came here to free herself from the demanding pressure of everyday life .From time to time , She needs to get away from the selfish and materialistic world she lives in , she needs to disconnect herself from the egoistic and self-centered people around her for a while .No,not all the people are like that , she knows some very good and kind people too .Sometimes she just needs time and space to clear her mind and recharge herself for future dealings and pressures of life .


Castle or Dungeon!

She has a lot on her mind , she is good at hiding her fears . She is quite reserved and secretive. It’s very difficult to know what’s going in her mind .Not many people know her .The persona that people associate with her is not her true self .It’s all an act , deep down she wants to be understood . She foolishly believed ,someone would see through her act but now she knows that that wait will never be over . She must collect the pieces of her hidden-self herself and she needs to draw the courage to demolish the walls she has created around her . Those walls were meant to protect her not to suffocate her . It’s getting darker in there she needs new walls that will give her enough space to live  wholeheartedly .She must revive her identity . She must redesign those walls .She needs a castle not a dungeon.She has learnt her lesson,” To have a reserved personality is not a bad thing as long as you accept yourself fully” . This acceptance will transform her dungeon into a very spacious and secured castle .

skipton_castle_dungeon_by_tasastock-d4ahkkh        FAIRYTALE_CASTLE_Wallpaper_sf4hu

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Trapped : That stage of life

We start our lives as dependents . Our parents and elders are responsible for us . We are allowed to make mistakes . Life is fun . We are free to do what we like. There are no burden , no responsibilities . We are not asked to make any life changing decisions .


Alas ! time changes. We grow old  , we are given responsibilities , we are held accountable for our actions , we start to race against time . We are to make decisions , big decision . We have to make choices than and there . Choices that we can’t undo . We face hardships , betrayal and rejections . We might feel devastated ,torn or broken .  But we have to be strong because we are at that stage , we have to fight our own battles . We are on our own .


With passage of time , we become more aware and learned . In the light of new information and understanding , we are horrified with the choices we made in past . We want to change them , we dream and pray for a second chance but time is not on our side anymore .

The clock in ticking . We can’t go in past , can’t change what we have or haven’t done . Missed opportunities , wrong decisions , unfulfilled promises , broken dreams are all real and experienced by us .


We want to forget , to change , to run , to hide but we can’t , can we ?

Nevertheless, It’s all part of life .We have to accept otherwise we will never be able move on .


Imperfection is the real perfection

We,human beings the most superior species on this earth, spend our lives searching for perfection. Looking for the perfect education , perfect job , perfect life partner , perfect dress for special occassions , perfect house , perfect wedding , perfect friends . But the irony of life is we are not clear about the concept of perfection .

Can we lead a 100% perfect life ? A life without failure or sorrow or tears ?

Life is not a linear journey . It has ups and downs , highs and lows
. Striving for the best is really nice but we need to be prepared for failure . There will be times when even the best strategies won’t work . When all the hard work and effort won’t produce the expected result then what ? Should we stop living ? Should we stop dreaming ?
No the answer is persistance . If we try to avoid failure we will never be able to face them .We will spend the rest of our lives blaming ourself for being imperfect . We need to accept the fact that there will be times when we wont achieve what we plan for in our first attempt or may be what we are trying to achieve is not in our own favor .

Don’t run after the illusion of perfect life . Imperfection is the real perfection . Accept the mistakes , failures and learn from them if  we ignore this lesson it will only make our lives miserable .

Even the moon has scars ,
Even the best teachers don’t know it all ,
We succeed , we fall ,
No one has ever achieved perfection so far,
Imperfection is the real perfection for us all .


Some people cry a lot . “Crying ” is mostly considered a sign of weakness  by others . We sensitive and emotional people  try to hide ourselves when we are crying so that nobody can judge us .


If you cant stop or control your tears then the next best option is to hide them . This is how our thinking process works . It’s a way of protecting ourselves . So I am going to share some of the methods. All these methods are highly effective .But before you read any further I must warn you , if you get too good at hiding your tears and acting to appear normal , nobody will know the real “YOU”. People see what we show them if you hide all your emotions and do not share them with anyone then people will perceive you incapable of feeling any emotions.

Method 1 : Use Washroom/ Restroom

It is the most effective way. You will get some time alone . Second advantage is access to water ,  you can quickly wash your face and remove all traces of tears easily. Nobody will get suspicious because going to washroom/restroom is quite normal .


Method 2 : Pretend to Sleep

This method does not work all the time .It is only effective when you are at home and the weather is cold enough to use a blanket . Put blanket on your face and pretend to sleep . It will only work if you do not make any noise while crying.


Method 3 : Hide behind books

Use your study room . Usually people do not disturb during reading . Books provide a good cover to hide your weeping face.


If you donot want other people to know that you were crying ,you need to work on three areas as that can really give you away.

1. Eye : Your eyes will give you away . If you have been crying for a long time your eyes will be red . You will need cool water to wash them.

2. Your voice : Beware crying makes your voice shaky . Avoid talking after crying .

3.Runny nose: Sometimes crying without making any noise results in a runny nose .This is another sign to identify a crying person .

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Essence of life

Life is a set of many small things , gestures and feelings.The key to lead a happy life is to live and cherish those small steps .

Don’t get too caught up in planning big . Essence of happy life lies in the beauty of small things.Sometimes, a small gesture of kindness can bring  a drastic change in other person’s life.

Life is not just your career.Never neglect the people in your life. You must focus on your education and career but when you are climbing the ladder of success share it with the people in your life .

Life is a blend of many things .Yes you need to get good education to opt for a respectable career. You also need to make friends , to give time to your family and never forget to give something or do something for society .