Choose Your form of Expression Wisely

Some people are good at speaking others are not . It’s a fact .

Have you ever wondered why are fighters  advised to choose their weapon wisely ?


It’s because weapon itself is useless it’s the ability and skill of fighter to use that weapon that counts . If a fighter does not know how to use a particular weapon he/she might end up hurting himself/herself in the process. Same is the case with expressing yourself . There are different forms of expression and different people have different preferences .

Various form of expressions are :

  1. Speaking
  2. Writing
  3. Painting
  4. Performing
  5. and others



Some people are great speakers . They prefer  speaking over other form of expressions .They know how to face an audience . They feel more energized when they are interacting with an audience . They believe in the power of oral communication. They respond spontaneously .




Some people love to write . They prefer writing over speaking or any other form. They like to isolate themselves from the world and concentrate . They usually prefer quiet environment . They need time to think and transform their ideas into words .



Painting is another form of expression . These people like to play with color and different styles . They have the power to capture minute details in their painting . Their paintings speak for themselves .



4. Performing :


It may include  dance, music , magic, illusion, mime,  puppetry, circus and other acts . They use their body, voice, gestures or objects to convey artistic expression.



One person may excel in more than one form of expression .The key is to find the way you feel more comfortable with .Identify your preferred form of expression and polish your talent accordingly .


* All the images used in this post are taken from google images .



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