3Fs (Friend..Fake..Foe)

In life we meet different people. Some people become our closest friends others are just faking it for their personal gain and then there is a third category .

But what is the major difference among these three categories and which one is the most dangerous one ?

Friends: Friends are people who you can trust .They know you and accept you in their circle of trust . They care for you and are there to help you . Its a two way process. You must reciprocate their feeling and support .

Fake: This category is the most dangerous one . These people are pretenders . They pretend to care for you but they have some other motives .They want something from you and once they get what they want they leave you . You become invisible to them as if you do not exist anymore .

Foe : These people hate you . They may want to cause you harm but atleast they are honest about their feelings .

We must learn to identify our real friends and the fake ones . Untill and unless we learn to differentiate between these two we will make the mistake of spending too much time and energy on our fake friends .


2 thoughts on “3Fs (Friend..Fake..Foe)

  1. Learning the difference between friend, fake, and foe was a a process for me. I never developed a people filter that instantly warned me to be careful with someone I first met. Everyone got the real me at first. The real me got clawed and scratched up like an old Tom cat. Then I learned to layer myself and successful progressive engagement was the only way someone could get to “real me.” I like up-armored me much better.

    • I am glad to know that you have learnt to up-armored yourself . Hope you will have more real friends now and avoid the fake ones better . Thank you for such an insightful comment .

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