Imperfection is the real perfection

We,human beings the most superior species on this earth, spend our lives searching for perfection. Looking for the perfect education , perfect job , perfect life partner , perfect dress for special occassions , perfect house , perfect wedding , perfect friends . But the irony of life is we are not clear about the concept of perfection .

Can we lead a 100% perfect life ? A life without failure or sorrow or tears ?

Life is not a linear journey . It has ups and downs , highs and lows
. Striving for the best is really nice but we need to be prepared for failure . There will be times when even the best strategies won’t work . When all the hard work and effort won’t produce the expected result then what ? Should we stop living ? Should we stop dreaming ?
No the answer is persistance . If we try to avoid failure we will never be able to face them .We will spend the rest of our lives blaming ourself for being imperfect . We need to accept the fact that there will be times when we wont achieve what we plan for in our first attempt or may be what we are trying to achieve is not in our own favor .

Don’t run after the illusion of perfect life . Imperfection is the real perfection . Accept the mistakes , failures and learn from them if  we ignore this lesson it will only make our lives miserable .

Even the moon has scars ,
Even the best teachers don’t know it all ,
We succeed , we fall ,
No one has ever achieved perfection so far,
Imperfection is the real perfection for us all .


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