Thank You WordPress

I started my blog one year ago . I was so afraid because I dont usually share my thoughts with anyone it’s sort of my default setting .  It was a spur of the moment decision because I know if I  have waited long I would have talked myself out of it  . 

So far I have two blogs
1 .

I have posted around 20 post on both blogs . (i.e around10 post /blog ) I know its not much but its better than not trying . Whenever I get a like , comment or follow notification I feel a sense of joy and achievement .  For a person who does not share her thoughts , who wants everything to be perfect and thus afraid to share or open up it was a big step( what if I could not write something special , what would people think if i made a grammatical error or spelling mistake , what if my posts do not make any sense to the reader )  . So far I have got 20 follows and 20+ likes it means alot to me .I am proud of myself . 

I want to thank wordpress because it gives me a platfrom to share my thoughts  and to read meaningful and thoughtful thoughts of others .

WordPress is an awesome place to read , share and learn .