Searching for that one person ….

You need to find your anchor in life that one person who knows all your secrets , who can read you like an open book . With whom you don’t have to pretend anything or even ask for anything .He/she just knows how you feel and can tell when you are hiding something . Life would be so much easier that way . Wouldn’t it ?Image


Essence of life

Life is a set of many small things , gestures and feelings.The key to lead a happy life is to live and cherish those small steps .

Don’t get too caught up in planning big . Essence of happy life lies in the beauty of small things.Sometimes, a small gesture of kindness can bringĀ  a drastic change in other person’s life.

Life is not just your career.Never neglect the people in your life. You must focus on your education and career but when you are climbing the ladder of success share it with the people in your life .

Life is a blend of many things .Yes you need to get good education to opt for a respectable career. You also need to make friends , to give time to your family and never forget to give something or do something for society .