Reporting from my shell – An Introvert’s view of this world

To be an introvert is not that easy . Every now-and-then , you are being pointed out as the quiet one , shy , rude or even sometimes the dumb one . You are being advised to talk more , express your feelings more , mingle more and to socialize more .Introverts are not against any of these , they just don’t fit in these situations as much as their extrovert friends .

Here is my story , ” Calm & quiet girl” these were the remarks  written in almost all of my report cards in school . Some of the teachers used to ask my elder sister why is your sister so quiet ? Well many introverts do not make a good first impression because of our quiet nature . At the time of evaluation or result , I used to see some really funny expression on my teachers’ faces because they come in class and call my name then they praise my work , answers and understanding of the subject along with that they confess that they did not know I was such a good student because I do not actively participate or talk in class.

Believe me , I have tried many times to talk more in class because most of the times I get weird looks from my classmate and teachers for being so quiet but i just can’t do it or may be I dont want to .

I loved Susan Cian’s book “Quiet” . I would recommend everyone to read it . Introverts must read it , they
will feel a connection with other fellow introverts instantly and extroverts will get to know more about their introvert friends and family members.