I always feel that our education system is designed in a very dangerous fashion. There must be a balance between personal development and competition. Our system lacks that balance. Our so-called educational and professional environment revolves solely around the idea of competition. The whole educational process is viewed, perceived and portrayed as a race.

We need to understand that education is incomplete without the element of personal development. Personal development is a process which is slow and it requires a lot of time for reflection and thinking.

“If you are not running on that unrealistically contrived racing track, you are not good enough”

“If you are not the best, you are a loser”

We need to change these perceptions. Instead of developing and polishing our own abilities, talents and strength. We are continuously taught and asked to race, to run after fame, money, status and to achieve these things before everyone else. This whole system is just programming us to be the winners of one particular race only.

Education provides the basis and guideline on how we should live our lives. But this system is not preparing us for a better life rather it is pushing us towards a plagued one. In reality, this system is trying to mold all participants in same manner ,just like production of a machinery part, forcing them to move in only one direction and banishing the differences in their visions, characters, personalities and their individualities . The theme of this system is to inculcate only materialistic targets .

We lack the vision and understanding of real purpose of life and education, resulting in a workforce of educated yet ignorant and unenlightened people.


why so serious ?

Most of the people must have heard this famous dialogue of Joker . Actually this just flashed in my mind when i decided to write about having fun and happiness in our lives . I have observed , heard and read that man has become very mechanical today . Time for family life , for people , for creating true happiness has shrunk even people do not have time for themselves.We are just running after the illusion of perfectionism.

Today’s human being is more of a robot . Many factors have contributed to this transformation but even all these changes do not have the power to make us less human .Its our own perception of what we want from life and our own willingness that has cause this change . The effect of this is that humans of this age are the most stressful people with so many diseases and other problems.Main dilemma is  now we demand too much , we have a lot of expectations , we are hasty, impatient and very judgmental  . A lot of innovations and progress have been made . Now we do have many facilities and have ease of doing things but during this journey we have lost something . We have lost our sense of humor , our ability to make light of things , our patience, our ability to enjoy small things & gestures , and most importantly we have ceased to be human i.e to act , think and feel like humans . Our actions , thinking and feelings have become very calculated. what I believe is all of us need some time to feel happy & relax , we need  to own ourselves . If we are gonna wait that right now we are too busy but we will have time later in life, believe me  it won’t work . All I am saying is yes seriousness and goal orientation is important but these are not all that matters .

This blog is an effort to make people’s mood light. All people do make mistakes and we should and must learn from our mistake but at the same time we should not take it too hard on ourselves rather we must learn to accept and laugh on our mistakes . All i am saying is by sharing our mistake and stupidity on our part or any incident or event which do not happened the way it should have happened, we can feel free and light again because it is basic human nature . We should not let shame control our lives .As Brene Brown has written in her book “The Gifts of Imperfection” that” Shame loves secrecy” . So lets take a step to fight with this shame of ours which we feel on our past mistakes . Lets share , laugh and learn from our mistake and be human again !!!!!!